How it Works

We offer in-home cooking consulting in a variety of options for you and your busy schedule. Contact us today for pricing.

Learning to cook isn’t just making one recipe the right way, it’s a process! We spend time assessing your skill level and cooking goals to create a program that’s right for you.

Cooking Class

Multi-Sessions will include assessing your cooking goals and skills, menu planning for the month, and the ability to reach out by text or voice for kitchen advice as long as you need! Session pricing depends on what is needed to help you achieve success.

Monthly Menu Subscriptions

Menu planning (one meal a day) for the month based on your dietary needs and wants, cooking advice by phone or text when you need it. How-to content (coming soon)

A La Carte

Cooking lessons, tips and tricks at times that work best for you. Got a recipe you’ve that always escapes you, or a meal you’ve always wanted to try but were too intimidated? Let us help!